Use of Ecotomycorrhizal fungi on Reforestation of pine forest in Vietnam

Location: Lam Dong
Sponsors: The Mushroom Initiative Limited (Hong Kong)
Years: 2019 to 2022
Collaborator(s) / Partner(s): Đa Nhim Forest Enterprise, Tay Nguyen Institute of Scientific Research, Institute of Mushroom and Biotechnology, University of Science - Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh city

General Objectives:

  • To promote using mycorrhizal fungi for reforestation 
  • To educate local communitiesin reforestation and sustained living with native forest with the set up of the sustainable reforestation model 

Specific Objectives:

  • Investigating the ECM fungal community structures in 3 stages of reforestation of P. kesiya: nursery, immature and mature forest.
  • Investigating the ECM fungal successive occurrence in mature forest of P. kesiya.
  • Rehabilitating the P. kesiyaforest in first stage (3-4 years) in the model areas (2 plots of 1 and 2 hectares) with mycorrhizal fungi.